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All the control associated with ownership, but with more options and greater flexibility at the end of the term. A guaranteed residual value built into the agreement helps improve cashflow making the asset more affordable.

Key features and benefits

  • You may eventually own the asset enabling you to claim writing down allowances.

  • You control the value of the asset at all times. 

  • Flexibility - you have the luxury of being able to 'wait and see' before deciding what you want to do with the asset at the end of the agreement. 

What happens at the end of the agreement?

You have three choices: 
- return the asset with nothing else to pay;

- purchase the asset at a predetermined price, even extending the agreement to pay off the 'balloon' by further regular payments;

- sell the asset, settling any outstanding balance while keeping any profit.

Typical assets


Specialised plant, buses and coaches, printing equipment, moulding equipment, machine tools, materials handling equipment, commercial vehicles and more.

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